Best 7 Stable Investments Over Time

We would all want to know which investment options are the best so that we would know where to put our money at the right time. It would not make too much sense to leave too much of it in the bank. That is where we come in as we have compiled some of the nicest investment options as time passes by. Here are the best 7 stable investments over time:

Real Estate

Whether you invest in a commercial or residential property, you know you are going to get good returns the moment you find someone who will rent your property. Of course, finding someone who will rent it is a lot easier said than done as there is also tons of competition. As a result, you will need to find a good real estate agent so that your problem will be solved in no time. You will also need to have a bit of luck in order for the value of the properties to rise especially when commercial developments and railway trains pop up all around them. It just means the people who choose to occupy your properties would have an easy time moving around the city. Remember you will need a large investment for it other than the initial investment. Besides, you will also need to pay for maintenance fees in order to preserve the maintenance of the area. Unfortunately, you will need to pay that every month and it seems to get bigger each month. You would want to go to the meetings in order to prevent the amount to get higher.


Just like the option above, there will be times when the value of gold would rise and other times when it would fall. As a result, patience is a virtue when this is one option that you would consider investing. There is a reason why many investors choose to put their gold in a vault locked with a safe combination. Everyone knows that gold is something important so you can’t really trust anyone with it or else they can have an agenda that would further complicate things. gold can even be turned into many things like a watch or a bracelet and its value will become higher even more. There are times when you should just wait it out when the value goes up before doing anything about the gold that you invested in. Of course, you would not regret it when the returns are really big.

Preferred Stocks

Some people would avoid investing in stocks because of the fear that they will fail. The truth is you won’t lose a dime when you invest in preferred stocks plus the fact that you can claim ownership within the company. Also, you can bet you would get dividends no matter how the stock is doing but it would be better if you would cheer for the company to do better so that you would earn more. You would even remember how you were not the one who spent loads of your money on capital. It is evident you would want to invest in some companies but you must do your research first if they are doing well or it is just some kind of luck that they are suddenly on their feet. You can’t blame a new company for doing well at first but once the hardships come, they suddenly struggle to deal with it. If a company makes it past the second or even third year, then you know they are here to stay.

Certificates of Deposit

Perhaps, the best part about this type of investment is that it is insured so you won’t have much to worry about. Add that to the fact that it is not safe to withdraw pretty early as you get a penalty for it. It would be better to wait for the interest rate to go up before you would withdraw anything. When you are dedicated to leaving your investment alone for a few years, then the bank would allot it for other investments that are pretty cool in the long run.

Corporate Bonds

There are many companies on the brink of bankruptcy who are selling their bonds for low prices. Of course, the risk is pretty high so it would not really be advisable for you to take this option. Even if you feel for the company, you should also care for your investment and make sure that you invest in blue-chip public companies so that your investment is pretty safe. Since they have detailed reports every month, you will get to know right away how financially stable a company is before you would decide to do something about it.

Municipal Bonds

Since these are issued by the government, there is almost no chance of it falling to a degree of contention. Besides, we always pay all types of taxes and the government would always benefit from that. They would say they would spend it in various projects that would benefit the public in more ways than one but you never really know until you get the hang of it. Believe it or not, municipal bonds are exempted for local taxes so you won’t really have much to worry about. We all know how an entire city going bankrupt won’t happen right now or in the near future so this is a pretty safe bet once you realize there is not really any risks.

Now that you know the best 7 stable investments over time, you can’t really afford to spend all your money on these investments. You must still keep some of your money for emergency purposes since you never know what could possibly happen in the future especially since we are still in a pandemic. Keep in mind you also have bills to pay at home and you never know when you may decide to invest in luxury items that would benefit you in the long run. Also, better not tell anyone about your investments or else you will probably make them jealous about it.